The Varian® implant systems are proven platforms with a wide range of processes
utilized by a large global install base. More than a production tool, the Varian
systems will be an implant contributor to your production line for years to come.

- Production-proven solution - Industry lowest CoO - High Throughput -

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  Power Device  Memory   Logic   Analog  Discrete  MEMS

Wafer Sizes:  100mm, 125mm & 150mm


Medium Current- 350D
  Dopant Species B+ , As+, P+
  Energy 35 - 200 keV
  Variable Extraction 10 - 35 keV
  Beam Current Max 1.5mA As+, P+
0.6mA B+
  Dose Range 1E11 to 1E15 at/cm2
  Dose Uniformity 1< 0.75%
  Dose Repeatability 1< 0.75%

High Current - Batch XP Series
(80XP, 120XP, 160XP & 180XP)

Maximum Beam Current
Energy Range
160 - 180 kV
60 - 160kV
40 - 120kV
80XP 10-80kV
2 mA
5 mA
5 mA
120XP 10-120kV
As+, P+
 5 mA
10 mA
10 mA
160XP 10-160kV
Sb+ (to 100kV max)
5 mA
 5 mA (to 80kV max)
180XP 10-180kV
2 mA
7 mA
7 mA


Dopant Species  

Implant Dose Accuracy

B+, BF2, As+, P+, Sb+   Range
1E12 - 1E17
    High Dose (>1E14 ions/cm2)    
1< 1.0%
    Low Dose (<1E14 ions/cm2)     
1< 2.0%
1< 1.0%
(All processes including photoresist & insulating surfaces)