Gold Series (remanufactured) Spin Rinse Dryer






















  • Residual chemical removall

Features and Specifications:

  • PSC-107 programmable controller, featuring operations, process and maintenance modes
  • User programmable auto cycle (AC-10)
  • DI water resistivity Monitoring (RM-20) allows users to rinse to a certain resistivity before tool continues to next recipe step
  • Anti-Stat (CY-20) removes static charge from inside the process chamber
  • Emergency machine off (EMO) buttons


  • Uniform DI water distribution over wafers using nine-nozzle manifold
  • One button operation
  • Over 95% up time
  • Low cost of ownership (use of DI and N2 utilities only)
  • Controller system built using off-the-shelf components
  • Optimized for low particles
  • Electro-polished chamber, rotor, and manifolds
  • EGF bowl seal