The P5000TM is the most flexible, successful, single-wafer, multi-chamber CVD and etch system for manufacturing complex devices in high-volume production... EVER

Our Global licensing agreement with Applied Materials adds P5000TM to our LEGENDSTM Family.

The license covers the technology transfer of P5000 CVD, Etch and Orienter
   chambers, including:

    • Engineering IP and process knowledge
    • Software code and all revisions, and licensing rights
    • Training materials
    • Manuals


   Discretes    MEMS    Optoelectronics    Packaging    Advanced Packaging


P5000 Etch
P5000 CVD
Silicon Oxide Silane Oxide
Silicon Nitride Silane Nitride
Oxynitride RIE Oxynitride
TEOS Oxide


1 - 4 Chambers:

       - Universal Lamp Heated CVD, MxP Etch, MxP+ Etch, eMxP, ASP Asher, Wafer Orienter

Large install base of volume production tools

Standard processes for silicon oxide and nitride

Available 75 to 200 mm wafer transport

Substrate Handling

       - SiC, Sapphire, Quartz, Ge, GaAs, GaN, Silicon

OEMGroup Inc. IP
       - Bipolar Ceramic ESC
       - Transparent Wafer
       - Orienter GEMS Interface for Factory Automation


Proven reliability

Better process control and repeatability = Higher Yield

Enhanced factory automation support

Reliable and production proven processes for dielectric etch & CVD

Excellent value proposition for 100, 150 & 200 mm