Valeriy V. Felmetsger:
Technologist, innovator, author, patent holder


OEM Group’s Process Development Manager Dr. Valeriy V. Felmetsger has more than three decades of wide-ranging Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) experience including process development, thin-film characterization and implementation of leading-edge PVD processes in mass production. He has extensive experience in magnetron reactive sputtering, chiefly in AC-reactive sputtering by a dual cathode S-Gun magnetron.

Felmetsger’s research and development projects within OEM Group’s growing Applications Lab, focus today on deposition of piezoelectric aluminum nitride (AlN) thin films for electro-acoustic devices with superior control of film properties such as stress, uniformity, and crystallinity independent of other properties. In collaboration with researchers and academics worldwide, Dr. Felmetsger has been developing sputter technique and technology of Sc-doped AlN films with high areal homogeneity suitable for mass production of SAW, energy harvesters, and Piezo MEMS. Other important projects deal with S-gun magnetron improvements, advanced technological solutions for Li-based thin film batteries, and LED related technologies.

Dr. Felmetsger earned an M.S. degree in electrical engineering from Ryazan State Radio-Engineering University, (Ryazan, Russia, southeast of Moscow) and later a Ph.D. in material science from the Institute of High-Current Electronics (Tomsk, Russia, in Siberia).
As a part of his doctoral studies, Felmetsger developed a novel vacuum arc-plasma deposition scheme that leveraged electrical erosion-resistant transition metal coatings (molybdenum and tungsten).

He is the author of more than 60 publications and holds 16 technology patents.