This single substrate processing system offers diverse capabilities with a variety of process chambers integrated into a single tool. The Equinox is an application-specific tool with a centralized, automated process controller. It is available in either a manual or fully automated platform.


   Discretes    MEMS    Optoelectronics    Packaging    Communications


Solvent/Acid/Base Applications
Typical Plating Applications
Polymer removal Gold electroplating and deplating
Metal lift-off Solder bump plating
Photoresist strip Copper damascene electroplating
Metal etch Patterned copper electroplating
Backside film strip Nickel electroplating
Acid and solvent cleans Platinum electroplating
Native oxide pre-clean Electrophoretic resist
Pre-EPI clean  
HF vapor  
Sacrificial oxide etch  
Bevel etch  
Particle cleans  


  Spray Processing   Immersion   Electroplating
  High Pressure Spray Chamber   Megasonics   Active Immersion Chamber


1 - 6 Chambers Automated or Manual, Max 5 tanks

Supports substrates up to 200mm round, square or rectangle

Processes diverse materials

Face down processing

Partial wafer processing

Controlled chemical distribution and wafer rotation

Precise, repeatable, and reliable process and system control


Sequential and/or independent processing

Eliminates re-deposition/damage

Acid and solvent on one platform

Space efficient design