Mikhail K. Mikhov, Ph.D
Semiconductor Process Development and Device Characterization Expert


Dr. Mikhail K. Mikhov is a Lead Development Engineer at OEM LLC with broad experience in semiconductor industry research, development, and fabrication. He has in depth knowledge and hands on Epitaxy, CVD and PVD thin films processing, device and materials characterization.

Dr. Mikhov is familiar with silicon CMOS and compound (GaAs pHEMT, AlN FBAR, LiNbO3 SAW) devices active layer fabrication, material characterization and troubleshooting. Acquainted with AMAT (epi, CVD , and PVD), SF Enedeavor PVD, VEECO MOCVD, and ASM epi processes and tool operation. Lately he was leading P5000 PECVD SiO2, and SiOF film development with particular mechanical (elasticity and density) property for SAW frequency thermal compensation. He has a hand on most of techniques for semiconductor materials characterization (X-ray diffraction, SEM, EDX, AFM, SIMS etc.).

Dr. Mikhov obtained his PhD degree in solid state electronics from Ariziona State University with thesis on materials properties and defects in mono crystalline SiC, AlN and GaN for devices application. He has also M.Sc. degree in Physics from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in the field of particle accelerators. Dr. Mikhov has more than 40 scientific publications on semiconductor thin film and compound materials deposition and characterization.