The Best Value for 200 mm Non-Critical Etch
981ACS™ RF Diode Etch Tool

The 981ACS™ is the market leader in non-critical silicon nitride and photoresist trim processing for the semiconductor industry. The wide gap RF diode reactor is ideally suited to low temperature plasma etch for delicate organic materials and damage sensitive devices without the complication of wafer clamps or electrostatics chucks. Applications for the 981ACS™ serve the traditional CMOS and Bipolar silicon semiconductor industry in addition to GaAs, InP and SiGe compound semiconductors; MEMS; advanced packaging; thin film head; and Bio-Chip nanotechnology.

• Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide thin film etch
• Silicon Carbide etch
• Resist trim and descum clean at low temperature
• Plasma surface treatment

Features and specifications
• 150 mm and 200 mm Bridge Tool (Also suitable for up to 6 inch x 6 inch square substrates)
• Suitable for transparent, insulating, and thinned substrates
• Small footprint with no external rack electronics
• Simple fixed gap RF Diode source
• Cassette-to-Cassette wafer handling
• Temperature controlled electrodes
• Graphical User Interface with LCD touchscreen monitor
• Built in data logging and graphing
• SECS/GEM factory automation support

• High throughput for low cost of ownership
• Low consumable parts cost
• Relieves capacity burden on critical etch tools
• OEM Group commitment to improvements and upgrades

981ACS™ is a trademark of OEM Group Inc.