Industry Leader in Cost of Ownership
901ACS™ and 903ACS™ RF Diode Etch Tool

The 901ACS™ and 903ACS™ are the market leaders in non-critical dielectric etch and photoresist trim processing for the semiconductor industry. The wide gap RF diode reactor of the 901ACS™ is ideally suited to low temperature plasma etch for delicate organic materials and damage sensitive devices without the complication of wafer clamps or electrostatics chucks. The narrow gap 903ACS™ is the best value for plasma anisotropic etch of silicon oxide and silicon nitride materials for non-critical via and pad passivation etch. Applications for the 901ACS™ and 903ACS™ serve the traditional CMOS and Bipolar silicon semiconductor industry in addition to GaAs, InP and SiGe compound semiconductors; MEMS; advanced packaging; thin film head; and Bio-Chip nanotechnology.

• Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide thin film etch
• Silicon Carbide etch
• Resist trim and descum clean at low temperature
• Plasma surface treatment

Features and specifications
• 3 inch, 100 mm, 125 mm, and 150 mm wafer handling (Also suitable for up to 4 inch x 4 inch square substrates)
• Suitable for transparent, insulating, and thinned substrates
• Small footprint with no external rack electronics
• Simple fixed gap RF Diode source
• Cassette-to-Cassette wafer handling
• Temperature controlled electrodes
• Graphical User Interface with LCD touchscreen monitor
• Built in data logging and graphing
• SECS/GEM factory automation support

• High throughput for low cost of ownership
• Low consumable parts cost
• Relieves capacity burden on critical etch tools
• OEM Group commitment to improvements and upgrades

901ACS™ and 903ACS™ are trademarks of OEM Group Inc.