AGHeatpulse 8108 RTP Introduction

The AGHeatpulse 8108 is a low cost RTP solution for advanced processing of substrate up to 200mm. The small footprint, cassette-to-cassette system can be configured to process standard silicon wafers or exotic compound semiconductor substrates in a susceptor. Originally introduced by AG Associates, the AGHeatpulse 8108 is an exclusive product of OEM Group, the exclusive OEM-licensed manufacturer of the AGHeatpulse 8108.

Superior Process Control—Improved Yield
• Single wafer, closed-loop temperature control
• Automatic susceptor loading configuration for exotic substrate processing

Advanced Temperature Measurement and Control
• Pyrometer or optional ez-DTC temperature control with redundant backup to prevent misprocessing
• Emissivity independent control with optional ceramic shield

Upgrade Ability for Extended Capital Use
• Performance and throughput upgrades to deliver AGHeatpulse 8800 capabilities

Integrated Applications
• Silicon, GaAs, and compound substrates
• Implant activation & anneal
• Thermal oxidation / nitridation
• Metal silicidation (Ti, Co, Ni)
• Low-K dielectric anneal
• Gate anneal
• Glass flow / reflow
• SOG densification