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By acquiring “best-in-class” technologies and offering them globally from centralized sources, OEM Group serves both traditional semiconductor device makers as well as emerging technology sectors. An expert in 75mm – 200mm capital equipment, OEM Group serves the LED, MEMS, Power Electronics, Compound Semi, WLP and Logic & Memory industries.

Fully integrated solutions. World class service. Applications development. All from one cost-effective innovator.

OEM Group is a global manufacturer of new and remanufactured semiconductor capital equipment and upgrades focused on innovative and sustaining solutions for emerging technologies. Our proven LEGENDS™ portfolio consists of exclusive intellectual property acquired from leading semiconductor brands, including: P5000™, Tegal™ Etch, Sputtered Films® Endeavor™, MRC® Eclipse™, AGHeatpulse®, Varian® Sunset™, Lam® AutoEtch™ and Applied Materials-SEMITOOL® Manual Batch, Automated Batch and Single Wafer Equinox™. We also offer an Applications Development lab for wet processing and Foundry services for piezoelectric AlN films.

IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium Dr. Felmetsger, OEM Group PVD Process Development Manager, has been selected to present "Enhancement of Preferred Crystal Orientation in Electrode and AlN Thin Films Using Predeposition RF Plasma Etch" at the PiezoMEMS 4th International workshop in Kobe, Japan October 28 - 29, 2014.

IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium OEM Group is proud to announce our CEO/President Wayne Jeveli will be one of the featured speakers at the SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum: 200mm: “Thing of the past? Not so fast!” The event is October 17th, 7:30am – 11:00am At Freescale Semiconductor in Tempe Arizona. For more information: SEMI Arizona Fall Breakfast Forum
Guest speakers will be talking about productivity improvements, production innovations, new applications and tools, pioneering materials and innovative processes that continue to enhance and to extend the production life of 200mm wafers

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…our new global licensing
agreement and technology transfer with Applied Materials that allows us to manufacture, refurbish and upgrade P5000 systems